About Us

Sam Bailey (Founder & Director) set up Bellota Oak Frames in early 2017, but its roots extend much further back. The moment that a family friend commissioned Sam to design and create an oak structure for their home in Cheshire, Bellota was born.

“When a decision has to be made, there is no totally right time for anything”

After studying Carpentry and Joinery at Reaseheath College Sam secured an apprenticeship at an established oak framing company. It was there Sam really learnt his craft, after completing the apprenticeship in oak framing and spending several years there he felt he had the technical know-how and confidence to take his own work out to the public.

Having now worked in the oak framing industry since 2011, he has worked on a huge number of different projects and designs which give him a wealth of experience to call on. Having never looked back since starting, the business continues to grow.

The team is made up of hard working individuals.Kathryn Bailey is our administrator and usually first point of contact for enquiries made. Being Sam’s wife Kathryn has always played a supporting role in the business and as of 2020 took a more prominent role in the business to handle increased workload and provide a reliable and friendly client experience.

 Dave Bayliss is our main on-site carpenter and joiner. Having met at Reaseheath, Sam and Dave have known each other for over 10 years now and have a great working relationship. Dave is a key part of the team and provides a wealth of experience. In the early days Dave was always on hand for the site work, providing an extra pair of eyes and expertise when needed. 

Will Shuttleworth is our other site joiner. Will joined the team in 2021, fast becoming a reliable and valued member of the team. Having worked as site joiner since leaving Reaseheath in 2010 he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to site operations.


What We Do

At Bellota Oak Frames we are specialists in designing, crafting and installing high quality bespoke oak frames. Whether it’s an open green oak porch or a glazed garden room, creating them and bringing our clients vision to life is our passion. It starts with design, whether you come to us with an idea or already have architect’s drawings we aim to design a frame that works for our clients. All our frames are made by hand in our yard and installed on site by us.

Our frames are either constructed of green oak, also known as fresh sawn or older air dried oak. With higher moisture levels green oak will continue to dry when raised and this both enhances its character and strengthens the joints as they tighten. With any of our glazed frames we always use air dried oak, this means it has spent at least two years drying naturally, therefore when we glaze the frame any shrinkage and movement in the oak is minimal and as such the best option for glass. We use a system known as direct glazing to glaze our frames, this means cutting a rebate in the oak to sit the glass into, a bead is then used to hold the unit in and waterproof it, doing it this way keeps all the features of the frame such as the pegs and joints visible.

Although of course we understand on nearly all projects there will be some building works required, we are happy to work alongside your own builders to achieve the oak frame you want, on occasion and depending on location we can arrange contractors we’ve used before to help make life easier. For every job we produce scale drawings which can be passed to builder’s, so we are all working from the same drawings.

Why Bellota ?

‘High quality traditionally crafted oak structures’

At Bellota we are committed to the highest standards in both design and manufacture of our oak frames and pride ourselves on the ability to work with clients to achieve the best possible results. We ensure that we have the highest attention to detail from first meeting to the last checks on site.

We pride ourselves on making frames by hand in our workshop, with a few specialised power tools to help. The methods we use to build our frames have been used for hundreds of year, joints such as mortice and tenons and dovetails to name a couple, with oak pegs used to draw the joints together.

Specialising in oak framing means we have a great understanding of the versatility oak offers as a building material. Working with just us, or with architects, building contractors and structural engineers we aim to provide practical solutions to our client’s visions. Every frame we do is bespoke to meet the client’s individual needs, there is no ‘standard design’ here so you wont ever have to have something off-the-peg.

Why Choose Oak?

Oak is one of the most durable & naturally attractive building materials in use today. There are many historical oak framed buildings that are still in great condition today and we wholly expect any oak frame we produce to last for at least the next hundred years. All the Oak we use comes from accredited suppliers complying with FSC and PEFC certification, ensuring its sustainability for future generations to come.

It is also very flexible in its uses, using oak in construction can create several different styles. From period style extensions to modern glazed garden rooms oak has proved time and again it’s the ideal material to use. Due to its versatility it also lends itself to being used on a variety of different home’s.. from country cottages to modern new builds, it adds immediate character to any property.

The manufacture of oak frames is such that they are made nearly all off site, requiring little site work other than the actual raising, thus reducing total build times on site meaning less disruption for our clients.

Our Work